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Time to Update That Old Irrigation

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Anyone who has owned an older car knows that repair costs can add up quickly.  Back when we first started our company in 2008 we decided to buy a 1994 Ford F350 so we could tow a trailer and transport materials easier.  Not wanting to spend the money for a new vehicle, we thought this would be the best way for us to increase our productivity without breaking the bank.

Over the next few years I learned more about fixing cars than I had in my entire life!  This was our primary work truck, so every time it broke down we were not only paying for the cost of repairs but we were also losing out on work that we could not perform.  After each repair we would think, “Ok – now everything will run smooth.”  And then something else would break, a hose would start leaking, and eventually the transmission failed while driving on the freeway.  After three years we finally made the decision to sell the truck at a loss and shell out the money to get a new and reliable vehicle.

Old irrigation systems are not much different than old cars.  Every time you think you’ve fixed a leak a new one shows up.  Each time a problem arises, your landscape suffers, costing you time and money.  During the drought many people scrambled to convert lawns with old spray heads to low water plantings with drip emitters using those same spray heads.   Unfortunately, many of those conversions were done on the fly and without a proper design and installation process.  These systems have often undergone multiple revisions and are now highly inefficient, excessively complex, and nearly impossible to “repair.”  Like our old truck, it’s important to know when to cut your losses and invest in a new, properly designed landscape with an efficient irrigation system that is easier to manage, saves water, and keeps your plants healthy.

With over a decade of experience in design and installation of sustainable landscapes, Revolution Landscape can transform your yard into a thriving ecosystem that is good for both you and the environment. If you are interested in replacing that old irrigation system as a part of a comprehensive landscape renovation, Click Here to fill out an inquiry!


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