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Is it legal to install a home greywater system?

With all the media covering California’s historic 4 year drought, Revolution has been getting a lot of inquiries about greywater systems.  The short answer is yes, it is legal to use greywater at your home.  In 2010, California adopted new greywater regulations to help residents conserve water.  While some types of greywater systems still require a permit, those which utilize spent washing machine water are one of the easiest to install and no permit is required as long as you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Three way valve to allow diversion to sewer or landscape

  2. No connections between greywater and potable water supply

  3. Greywater must be contained onsite with no ponding or runoff

  4. Greywater must be discharged below 2’’ of mulch

  5. Water used for washing diapers or other infectious garments must be diverted to sewer

  6. Greywater may not contain hazardous materials

  7. The design must be consistent with the CA plumbing code

  8. An operation and maintenance manual must be provided to the owner and all subsequent owners/tenants

If you are interested in incorporating greywater into a comprehensive landscape overhaul, give Revolution Landscape a call or fill out an inquiry through our contact us page and someone will be in touch shortly to discuss your project!

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