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How can I reduce my water use?

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

ONLY ONE YEAR LEFT!!!!!  For our water supply that is….  With recent reports suggesting California may only have one year left of domestic water supplies, NOW is the time to make the change!  Whether you want to swap out turf for lower water plantings or simply eliminate water waste from leaky irrigation and inefficient watering systems, Revolution Landscape is here to help!  But before you jump into a major landscape renovation (or if you are the DIY type), here are a few great resources that are 100% FREE to help you get going on the right track.

  1. Cuyamaca Water Conservation Garden:  A visit to this FREE garden will inspire you to lose the lawn. This garden provides great educational resources and practical examples for how to reduce landscape water use. For more info, visit

  2. Watersmart Landscape Makeover Series: This FREE series of classes are designed to provide homeowners a comprehensive overview and the basic hands-on skills necessary to convert a traditional turf yard into a beautiful and climate-appropriate WaterSmart showcase.  Learn more and enroll in a course near you at:

  3. Watersmart Checkup:  When you sign up for this service, a water conservation professional will come perform a water audit at your home or business for FREE! They will provide water saving tips and make recommendations to make your home or business more Watersmart.  Apply today at

If you are already prepared to start your Watersmart landscape project but need some professional help, contact Revolution Landscapeand together we will achieve your landscape and water conservation goals!


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