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The Montessori Garden

Here at Revolution, we whole-heartedly believe in the importance and value of bringing outdoor, nature-based experiences to kids and are always thrilled at the opportunity to assist in creating school gardens! One shining example of an experiential learning garden that we’ve had the privilege of developing is the school garden at Scripps Montessori.

A trained Montessori educator, and the school garden advisor, Sara Rosenbaum, collaborated with Revolution throughout the design and construction process, and continues to oversee ongoing maintenance. This being a unique project, we sat down with Sara and asked her to share her experience with the garden.

RL: What is the goal of the garden in the Montessori curriculum?

SARA: The purpose of the garden is to serve as a natural extension of the indoor work.  The Montessori Garden aims to fulfill these needs of every age stage while supporting Botany, Geography, Language and even Mathematics in the creation of a space where the child can work independently and connect to his environment by learning through experience.

RL: What where the main design and maintenance considerations for the garden?

SARA: My vision was a child centered space, which has very specific needs in regards to scale, materials, and safety. For example, we wanted dwarf fruit trees so the kids could harvest the fruit on their own. We also had significant drainage and irrigation issues that needed to be resolved. Additionally, I knew that this project needed to be approached differently to ensure its success, as this was going to be a heritage project. We wanted a garden that would not be dependent solely on volunteers or current staff, but a garden that would be able to become a permanent fixture of the school community for years to come.

RL: What is the most rewarding part of the garden experience is for you?

SARA: The most rewarding part of the garden experience personally is when I arrive at the garden and a child runs out to share a discovery they made. To me, seeing the children connect with Nature independently from my presence is how I know that the garden is serving its purpose!

RL: Describe how you have collaborated with Revolution on this garden.

SARA: My favorite thing about working with Revolution is how they involved me in the work. I can walk around with great pride knowing that through their mentorship I have become the gardener I am. When there are issues that are beyond my scope of experience, they will patiently direct me towards a solution. Gardening is about building communities, and Revolution Landscape has truly become a part of our school community.

Thank you Sara! The Montessori garden continues to evolve and Revolution is exited to be a part of its growth. If you’d like to see more pictures and learn more about the Montessori school garden, visit Sara’s Facebook page at

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