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Technology Lessons in Biomimicry at the San Diego Zoo

Today our team took the day off and headed over to the San Diego Zoo to participate in a session on Biomimicry. We immediately found that what we were learning, we actually do every day in our work.

Our presenter said that the goal of biomimicry is to be inspired by nature to emulate ecosystems in the design and construction to solve our human problems. During the course we did some fun activities. Our favorite was describing various forest foliage while blindfolded then figuring out all the potential human uses of each material. We learned that the shape of some high-speed rail trains were inspired by aerodynamic birds that dive into the water to catch fish and a large building complex in Africa that uses 10% of the energy as similar buildings was modeled from ant mounds that self-regulate temperature.

We also got to learn about one of oldest living animal species…the alligator. We got to pet him!

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