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San Diego Introduces Sustainable Landscape Turf Replacement Rebate Program

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

The City of San Diego has announced new funding for home owners who are looking to convert thirsty lawns into sustainable landscapes.  Unlike previous rebate programs that paid out for synthetic turf and rock-scapes, the new rebates require plants to cover at least 50% of the project area.  Early this year the City of San Diego released a document outlining Sustainable Landscape Guidelines to educate homeowners and landscape professionals about how to design and install sustainable landscapes.

Three of main principles of sustainable landscapes are:

-Selecting climate appropriate plantings

-Eliminating runoff from site with rain gardens, bioswales, and permeable paving solutions

-Maximizing irrigation efficiency with drip systems or rotary spray heads

Of course, Revolution Landscape has always been at the forefront of sustainable landscape design and we are happy to see our City embracing principals of sustainability.  Every one of our projects seeks to conserve water, reduce runoff, and maximize irrigation efficiency. Our plant pallets include numerous native and non-native plants that are well adapted to our Mediterranean climate.  When it comes to sustainable landscape design and installation, no one does it better than the Revo team!

The Sustainable Landscapes Program is offering an incentive of up to $1.75 per square foot to customers within the San Diego County Water Authority’s service area..  Projects can receive a maximum of up to $3,000 in incentives.  These rebates won’t last long though, so if you are ready to make the change to a sustainable landscape, contact us!

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