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Revolution Teams with Local Farm-to-table Restaurant Group

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Some of you may have caught a glimpse of Revolution Landscape in a recent feature article in the Home and Garden section of the San Diego Union Tribune.  The article highlighted a few local restaurants that have taken local food to the next level by planting their own organic gardens.  One of the projects featured in the article was our collaboration with WhisknLadle Hospitality, a group which operates five fantastic restaurants throughout San Diego that focus on farm-fresh foods.

Our work with WhisknLadle started early this year shortly after they became majority stakeholders in the Milagro Farms Winery in Ramona.  In addition to producing great wines, they had a vision to utilize some of the land on the property to produce high quality, organic produce to use in their restaurants.  With little farming experience, the WhisknLadle team turned to Revolution for help planning and implementing their budding farm operation.

Working closely with the restaurant chef and management staff, Revolution developed a farm management plan for a ¾ acre parcel of land on the Milagro Property.  The farm plan included crop selections, soil fertility recommendations, and planting and harvest schedules so the restaurants would know when various crops would be ready for harvest.  After the farm plan was complete, Revolution installed a high efficiency drip irrigation system and conducted training sessions with the WhisknLadle team to teach planting techniques, management strategies, and harvesting skills.  We even had the restaurant staff out to plant crops!

This summer, the farm produced 100’s of pounds of summer and winter squash, heirloom tomatoes, and sweet corn.  We are excited to see more and more restaurants embracing organic agriculture and using their own farms and gardens as a vehicle to educate their patrons and staff about seasonal eating and sustainable farming.  As our summer crops wind down, we are looking forward to a bountiful winter season and continued collaboration with this passionate group of restaurants that is truly dedicated to promoting sustainability and local agriculture.


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