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Revolution Landscape Featured in San Diego Coast Keeper Report

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Jeff Robbins of Revolution Landscape was featured in the San Diego Coast Keepers 2010 Annual Report.  The San Diego Coast Keepers are dedicated to water quality issues in San Diego County. I am concerned with our current water supply situation because San Diego’s residents use more water than the Colorado River can supply. This means that the Colorado River and other sources are drying up. It also means that water prices are increasing in an economic depression. San Diego Coastkeeper has been a fantastic resource and essential ally in educating San Diego about these issues. I support a shift towards sustainable water sources and responsible water usage is because I know water is essential to well-being in most aspects of our lives and to the health of the environment. As I grow older, I want to have water to drink and cook with, for cleaning dishes and clothes, to bathe in, and growing fruits and vegetables. I also want to enjoy a clean ocean to surf in, lakes to swim in, and a healthy native eco-system with plants and animals to experience while hiking. I want my family, friends, and future generations to have the natural resource we use every day. I want them to have a good quality of life and to experience a clean and beautiful San Diego.


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