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Questions to Ask Before Starting a Sustainable Landscaping Project

Summer is coming to a close and while the weather starts to cool off, it’s the perfect time to start planning a sustainable landscape renovation for this Fall! Tackling a major landscape project is not much different than taking on any other type of big home improvement project. Careful planning is the key to a successful project.

Before you get too far along thinking about all the great plants you are going to get, it’s good to ask yourself a few basic questions:

  1. Why are you doing this project?

Some people contact us because their lawn is dead and they are tired of looking at weeds. These clients want to improve curb appeal without breaking the bank.  Other folks reach out because they have a pathway that has become unsafe and they are looking for creative solutions to improve the accessibility and safety of their entryway.  Others contact us because they have never liked the layout of their yard and they are finally ready to re-imagine the entire space. Understanding why you taking on a project helps us give you the best guidance for how to move forward.

  1. Do you need a design?

For people who are just looking to “refresh” an existing landscape a full landscape design may not be the right choice. For these projects a thorough cleanup with professional pruning of trees and shrubs along with a new application of mulch may be enough to make your old landscape look like new. If you are considering modifications to hardscape or completely replanting a large area, investing in a landscape design is a really good idea. With thoughtful design, Revolution Landscape can help you transform your yard into an eco-friendly paradise that is perfectly tailored to the needs of you and your family.

If you are interested in a major cleanup of an existing landscape or would like to learn more about our comprehensive landscape design/build services contact us today!


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