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Preparing Your Garden or Landscape for Fall

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Fall is finally here and after a long hot summer, I think we are all welcoming the cooler temperatures. As we approach our theoretical rainy season, now is a great time to make sure your gardens and landscapes are prepared for the rains. To get your garden or landscape ready for the cool season, here are a few steps to consider taking this month:

1. Harvest and collect any overripe fruit that may have dropped to the ground during the growing season. Overripe fruit can attract pests and disease and should be placed in a compost pile or fed to backyard chickens

2. Add mulch to any areas with bare soil. Mulches like wood chips, compost, or straw help reduce erosion and increase soil productivity. For quality compost and mulches, delivered to your door, call us!

3. Consider planting a cover crop in garden beds or among the trees in deciduous orchards to improve your soils health.

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