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One Client Finds Unique Use for Plants

One of the first things we do when starting work on a new landscape design is establish some project goals.  Usually these include things like water savings, food production, increased functionality, etc. but occasionally we get a client with some very unique objectives.  When we started working with Stacy, along with the standard goals of water conservation, food bearing plants, and functionality, she also requested that we incorporate plants that could be used for natural dyes.  That’s right – Stacy wanted to grow plants that she could use to create her own plant-based dyes for various art projects she was working on.

We jumped at the opportunity to try something new and asked Stacy to provide a list of plants that she was interested in using for dyes.  Many of the plants she was already using were California natives or other common landscape plants so we helped her narrow down the list to those which would work best in her yard. Now, a year and a half since the installation, nothing brings us more joy than to see the beautiful naturally died scarves (see image) and other apparel that Stacy is creating with the bounty from her own yard. .   If you are looking for a beautiful, unique, locally hand-crafted gift for someone special this holiday season, you can view and purchase more of Stacy’s work by visiting her Etsy shop at: Perennial Impressions.

If you want to check out some more photos (including before & after shots) from Stacy’s yard, check out the photo album on our Facebook page:  Stacy’s  Edible and Eco-friendly Landscape

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