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Functional Hardscaping

Unless you purchase a new construction home, you are probably going to inherit someone else’s landscape.  In some cases you may like the landscape that comes with your home, but many times, the existing yard leaves something to be desired.  One of the most common issues that we see, especially in older homes’ landscapes is dysfunctional hardscape.

Patios that are just not quite large enough, steps that are uneven or too large, and material combinations that lack uniformity or design cohesion are just a few of the common issues that we encounter  in the yards of older homes.  Poorly desired hardscape areas can be unattractive and downright dangerous but it can be difficult for homeowners to imagine what or how to replace these sub optimal spaces.  That’s why we help clients visualize the possibilities for their space.  Our landscape designs allow clients to understand how different features can maximize the form and function of their yards.

Strategically designed hardscapes can be an important component of an overall sustainable landscape too.  Solid patios and outdoor living areas can provide a great space for enjoying our wonderful climate and with a little forethought these areas can also be integrated into sustainable landscapes.

Hardscape is generally non-permeable so surface runoff is always a consideration at the design phase.  By directing runoff from hardscape into planting areas and vegetated bio-swales, homeowners can create attractive and functional outdoor living spaces.  At the same time, retaining storm water onsite helps protect our local watersheds and reduce pollution.

If you have an old and dysfunctional patio or hardscape area that you would like to replace as a part of a new sustainable landscape, reply to this email to schedule a consultation today!


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