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Feature of the Week – Green Chamber of San Diego

Revolution Landscape is a local, sustainable landscape company providing water efficient native landscapes and edible gardens to San Diego residents and businesses.  They design, build, and maintain beautiful landscapes that integrate vegetables and fruit trees with California native plants.

With the implementation of their designs, clients can reduce their landscape water use by up to 60% and receive the benefit of delicious produce each week from their own garden.  By using porous materials for pathways and replacing gutter systems, they create ocean friendly gardens that keep water on site.  All of their gardens are maintained organically through integrated pest management techniques so no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used.

Revolution Landscape works hard to provide an affordable service that benefits their clients, community, and surrounding environment.  They are also available for organic garden consultations.  Contact Revolution Landscape about their services and receive free admission to the next Green Chamber breakfast meeting!



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