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Carlsbad Landscaping: Drought Tolerant & Low Water Plants Sustain Hills

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

For most of us, working with the space we have without entirely changing the landscape adds a huge challenge. This space is a perfect example of the positive effect low water and native plants can have to your landscape and how a little imagination and some simple changes can alter the sustainability of a home.

This space became an organic haven of drought tolerant plants and sustainable building materials. Rose groundcover, elegant rosemary and native lilacs sprawl above the layers of mulch bursting with pops of color. It is argued amongst the gardening community that mulching can be the single easiest and most sustainable building material you use. So why mulch? Well besides the fact that it is a natural soil moderator, helps to prevent erosion and increases soil nutrition while decreasing invasive weeds it also helps to make any space look more well kept. An organic compost mulch layer is great for veggie gardens, flower beds, and other annual spaces, while wood chip mulches are a good option around trees and perennial plantings. On top of all of its incredible benefits, a 2-4 inch layer of mulch is also very easy to apply. While mulch helps to prevent runoff and soil erosion around any property, we thought to take it a step further and direct roof water and surface runoff where we wanted it to go. By adding porous rock material at the end of the rain gutter we were able to prevent any sloppy over pour that may have left splatter on the concrete and eventually finds itself in a storm drain.

Even further, porous materials act as a natural purification system for ground surface runoff that will eventually find its way into our groundwater. Building retention basins (like the one seen above) can add a natural charming touch and further help to maintain the look of your home. It may seem that sustainable living is it out of your reach, but with some small adjustments and light upkeep anything is obtainable.

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