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Residential Vegetable Garden Landscaping Services

gardening_services-iconGive your garden some extra attention with our custom garden services. Our experienced landscape professionals are available to assist you with personalized horticultural training, specialized site analysis, and seasonal garden tasks.

  • Garden Coaching

    Learn how to grow a better garden! Looking to benefit from some one-on-one training with a professional gardener? Our garden coaching service includes on-site visits to your garden where we work with you directly. It is an opportunity to ask about specific pests, plant health, or watering, and get practical advice for whatever challenges you!

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  • Soil Testing and Analysis

    Does your vegetable garden look unhealthy, or are you interested in knowing the composition of your soil? Either way you could benefit from a soil test. We will visit you at your garden to take samples and create a report that illustrates soil pH, existing nutrients levels, and soil deficiencies. This provides a road map for fertilizer applications and other amendments to encourage thriving soil!

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  • Irrigation System Audit & Repairs

    Think there may be a leak? Want to know what’s getting irrigated when? Interested in converting to a drip irrigation system? These are all reasons to have Revolution Landscape conduct an irrigation system audit. As part of the audit we will provide recommendations for more efficient watering and can complete repairs on an as needed basis.

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  • Vegetable Garden Compost & Fertilizer Application

    Sometimes your vegetable garden just needs some tender loving care. We can help you regenerate your existing garden by providing a well-needed organic fertilizer or organic compost application.

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  • Seasonal Fruit Tree Pruning and Fertilizer Application

    Proper tree care strategies are needed to promote healthy growth and to maximize the yield of quality fruit. Pruning techniques vary between different types of fruit trees. Pruning in the correct season is extremely important, as is the proper method and structure of pruning. A general compost or fertilizer application and a deep watering will also benefit your trees. We can provide all of these functions with an onsite visit to your yard or orchard.

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