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Hardscape & Design


Ready to have the artistic patio, naturalistic firepit or creative water feature of your dreams?  Or have a Pinterest board project you’ve been adding photos to for the last 5 years? 

Revolution Landscape wants to help.  We are San Diego’s leader in creative and naturalistic hardscape. 

Get in Touch 


Tel. 858.337.6944

    During the design phase of your hardscape project we will produce digital and hand drawn graphics to communicate hardscape design concepts.  Our goal is to develop highly individualized and artistic hardscape elements that will flow seamlessly with the rest of your indoor and outdoor environment. 

Let's Create the Unique & Personalized Hardscape Feature You Have Always Imagined

    Whether you are looking to create a unique patio, artistic pathway, or achieve a more contemporary aesthetic for your outdoor space, Revolution can help you bring that vision into reality.  Our designers work hand in hand with our installation team to execute highly customized hardscape features that can define your outdoor space visually while providing you with the needed functionality.

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