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Green Commercial Landscape Maintenance

The certified and experienced staff at Revolution Landscape provide comprehensive Organic Landscape Maintenance Programs tailored to the needs of each unique property.  The results are beautiful, sustainable landscapes that add value.

Committed to Organic Landscape Care

maintenance-iconOur approach to landscape maintenance is based on managing a balanced biological system. We focus on plant health, using appropriate amounts of water, and only use organic methods for combating pests and weeds. We also understand the importance of the landscape maintenance budget for your property. We take into consideration the expense of every maintenance activity and provide estimates before engaging in any improvements.

Our maintenance staff are CLCA Certified Landscape Technicians and we have a CLCA Certified Water Manager on staff. Onsite safety is also a priority for Revolution Landscape, and is reflected through the company’s Illness & Injury Prevention Program. This document ensures that safety protocols and practices are routinely enforced.

Organic Landscape Maintenance Services:


  • Organic lawn care and mowing service
  • Seasonal pruning of native and low water ornamentals
  • Farming and harvest of vegetables and fruit trees (produce transportation upon request)
  • Correct pruning of trees and perennials during appropriate seasons
  • Systematically convert grass to gardens by replacing sections of underutilized turf with water conscious plants, vegetables, and fruit trees.


  • Clear pathways, walkways, driveways and parking lots of debris
  • Remove litter to prevent it from running down storm drains
  • Prevent irrigation runoff onto asphalt or concrete to extend product life


  • Implement an appropriate watering schedule that abides to the City of San Diego’s Water Conservation Program
  • Ongoing management of the irrigation schedule to eliminate unnecessary watering in the winter and during rains
  • Frequent irrigation audits to identify and repair leaks
  • Hand watering as needed



  • Compost and woodchip applications to build soil fertility
  • Regular organic fertilizer applications to support healthy soil
  • Composting of appropriate plant trimmings onsite

Pest Control

  • Organic pest control
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) using beneficial insects to reduce harmful populations
  • Manual removal of pests



Weed Control

  • Organic herbicide applications as needed
  • Woodchip applications to keep weeds down
  • Manual weeding

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